A healthy democracy is crucial to a sustainable free market in which entrepreneurs create businesses and jobs.  Small businesses thrive in a capitalist economy where the exchange of goods and services is impacted by supply and demand not controlled by government. Government does set the rules in a free market that allow for fair competition while protecting our health and environment.  Anything that threatens the integrity of our elections threatens our democracy, a government by the people, which enables our free market that small businesses depend upon and cherish.

The Mueller, Senate Intelligence Committee and U.S. Intelligence Community Reports arrived at the same conclusion: American democracy has been attacked, is under attack and will continue to be under attack from foreign adversaries. Congress must act now to protect our elections and democracy.

Business 4 Protecting The Election is a business campaign calling on Congress and the President to protect our elections from foreign and domestic interference that threatens our nation’s ideals of representative government resulting in loss of faith and participation in our democracy.