January 24, 2020

Russia’s Fake Working-Class Story

By Rick Baumann, special to Business 4 Protecting The Election

I became acutely aware of Vladimir Putin’s mindset several years ago while watching the opening ceremony for the Sochi Olympic Games. Putin watched intently from the comfort of his VIP box as the story of Russia’s post revolution history was played out on stage.

At first glance, this state-prepared pageant provoked respect for the working class of Russian people who appeared to lift the nation up through their national pride and work ethic. In many ways this play was made to parallel the American story of post-depression years.

But the facts contradict the pageantry.

Russia’s working and entrepreneurial class bears very little real resemblance to their American counterparts.

Despite the fact that communism in Russia technically “died” many years ago – there is much evidence that the working class is still being suppressed and controlled by a small group of elite oligarchs and the politically well-connected who actually suppress entrepreneurism for their own benefit.

It is both amazing and depressing to realize what Russia has been up to: meddling in our elections with a blatant disinformation campaign that is intent on making our society a mirror image of its own.

This tactic has been welcomed and encouraged by the current administration – to the great benefit of big polluting corporations who, in turn, fatten up reelection coffers of those they wish to keep in power.

Then, those in power relax regulations and rollback safeguards to benefit the profitability of the big polluters and destroy all the progress made cleaning up our air and waters in recent years.

American Small Businesses are at a great disadvantage in this environment. Not only do we lack influence with this administration, but we are being systematically beaten down by Big Business lobbying that we cannot afford to compete with.

Add this all up and it should be obvious to all that election reforms to protect the integrity of our elections and enforce strict term limits on our political system are long overdue.

Rick Baumann is the founder and operator of Murrells Inlet Seafood in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.

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